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Solerati has been importing the highest quality clay roof tiles since the year 2000. Since those early days there were only two types of tiles that were manufactured by La Escandella the Curvea and the Marseille. In the past seventeen years the company has grown exponentially and now boosts to produce the largest collection of renowned quality tiles on the market crowning beautiful roofs throughout the world.
It has established itself as one of the state of the art companies in research development and innovation within its sector and is now the largest capacity tile factory in the world.

Founder and Managing director of Solerati Alan Rolston has created a modern up to date web site that fully explains and educates in detail the benefits of clay roof tiles along with accessories and systems that provides the home owner the very best roof in the world. A roof that will last a life time and this is testimony to the fact that Solerati is able to provide a colour warranty for life and a 50 year warranty on the Cureva and Marseille tile as well as a 100 year Warranty on the H section range of tiles.

On the home page there are three videos that provide details of the history and the production of the tiles and the advantage of using a clay tile and a marketing video on the H Selection.

Our Video Gallery shows houses in different parts of the world. Further videos will be added of New Zealand homes in the future.
The technical Installation Manual will provide information to professionals and home owners. The general catalogue shows off the range of tiles and products that are available through Solerati.

The Information Section provides a compressive list that is designed to help answer all queries that one may have when contemplating using Solerati Tiles
We have placed special importance on the Clay tile Benefits which clearly indicate the superiority of clay tiles against any other roofing product in the world.
Ventilation; Although New Zealand home designers and builders have never placed a lot of emphases on ventilation it is important that in order to create a house that will be comfortable to live in as well as providing a dry environment then ventilation is very important.

Tiles that have been tested to the world’s highest standards are so important to any house owner, architect, and builder and in particular the local council. Solerati tiles have been tested to not only New Zealand standards but the world’s strictest and highest standards. Solerati tiles are the very best in the world and have been accepted in over 65 countries throughout the world.

For the installer there are video s that will help cover off and questions that one may ask from how to start and finish placing the tiles on the house.
Like any product that is there to protect the house they must be maintained to the highest standard and we have a section that explains all that one will need to know.

The Tile section provides a huge amount of information on each tile and is able to be used by home owners, Colour consultants, and Architects.
Under other products we have endeavoured to cover not only clay roof tiles but other products that should be used in the roofing system. Off course wine racks are not used in the roof but are available from the manufacture.

Valley and Gutter protection explains briefly the two of the best products that we believe and recommend for our clients roofs.

Our Gallery shows a number of houses that have been crowned with Solerati roof tiles throughout New Zealand. New Zealand’s use of clay roof tiles in minimal as New Zealand houses tend to uses cheaper inferior products like concrete shingles and metal tiles. In comparison the worlds roofing a vast majority of roofs are clay. Therefor our gallery is able to provide photos of the H section tiles throughout the world, providing you with a greater selection on tiles to choose from.