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Strength – Solerati clay roof tiles must comply with the highest of transverse testing. Tiles are placed in a press and subjected to a slow downward pressure focusing dead centre of the tile. This force is slowly increased and calculated on a computer. Finally, the tile snaps in half and is measured by a computer. The tiles achieve a 1200 N force which is equivalent to 122kg.

Colour – Solerati clay tiles are manufactured to the highest level. Unlike concrete tiles Solerati tiles will never fade, even after hundreds of years of rain, ultra-violent light. Solerati therefore are guaranteed to obtain the highest level. A life time warranty.

Distortion – Solerati roof tiles will not distort or lose their shape. The manufacturing process is so exact that no tiles will be allowed to leave the factory unless it is perfect. They are guaranteed not to distort in any way, the batten lugs are perfectly square allowing the trades-person to produce a fitted roof with perfect lines and perfectly square.

Salt Safe – Solerati clay roof tiles are ideal for coastal locations that endure strong wind spray salt from the ocean. It is impossible for Solerati roof tiles to rust and or lose their colour under the extreme weather conditions. Solerati roof tiles require no maintenance on coastal areas due to the fresh salt air.

Freeze and Thaw – Solerati clay roof tiles are subjected to extreme vigorous testing. The tile is soaked for hours in water allowing it to absorb a much as the tile is capable. The tile is frozen and then thawed. When water is frozen it expands and contracts as it thaws. Each time this is completed, it is called a cycle. The tile is examined for surface damage each time a cycle takes place. Solerati’s Cureva tile has achieved 150 passes without any sign of damage. The Cureva has complied with Level 1 standards which places it amongst the best in the world. The H section tiles which are the Planum, Vienna, Innova, and the Visum 3 have completed the same test but have increased their cycles in excess of 1000 times.
With their single H fired support that allows the tiles to be fired individually at high temperatures obtaining a perfect finish and definition. The H section tiles have therefore been given a 100 year warranty by the manufacture.

Safe Drinking Water – knowing that the rain water that is captured on the Solerati roof tiles is safe to drink is a blessing. The tiles are made from nature’s clay with no chemicals or dangerous material that could affect one’s health.

Natural Thermal Ventilation – Solerati clay roof tiles helps the overall natural thermal ventilation of the house. Solerati is leading the way with the introduction of a specially designed ventilation system as part of the roofing. This helps smooth out the temperature fluctuation year-round. This can save money through energy savings.

Reflectivity – Tests of similarly coloured roofing products show that Solerati clay roof tiles can reflect more heat away from your home in summer which can result in lower cooling requirements when compared with products like metal roofing.

Acoustic Insulator – Solerati clay roof tiles are excellent sound insulators. Reducing noise by 245 decibels which is more than twice the noise reduction achieved by standard metal roofing. Their advanced insulation properties make them ideal for people that want to keep excess noise from outside.

Fire Resistant – Solerati roof tiles are completely fire resistant. Through the manufacturing process, the tiles are fired in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius. These tiles are ideal in bushfire prone areas.

Increased Home Resale Value – Solerati Clay roof tiles are known as the best in the world. They are the only clay roof tiles that have been tested in New Zealand and Australia to AS 4046 and AS 2049 standards. Solerati clay roof tiles adds value to your home. Houses that have Solerati clay roof tiles have achieved sales higher than house with inferior roofing products.