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Exclusivity and design in one piece

Introducing Solerati’s Visum tile, a world first in design, and covered by a 100 year guarantee.

The Visum tile has been designed to replicate slate creating a visual effect of three. Until now, many home owners wanting a slate look were forced in to using a cheaper product like asphalt shingles and concrete tiles. Unfortunately, these cheaper products cannot replicate the look and patina of real slate. The design of expensively built homes should be crowned with the best roofing products that will last a life time.

Having a dream, bringing that dream to creation, and producing a magnificent home that lasts forever should not be sacrificed in its overall appearance by crowning the top with a product that is used in the average homes seen in subdivisions that have been designed to last fifty years. You owe it to yourself to have the best.

The Solerati Visum tile solves all the problems of designers and home owners with it’s lifetime guarantee for colour and overall appearance. The Visum tile manufacturing provides a perfect definition on each tile at the same time which creates a much finer texture.

Individual curing of each tile creates excellent flatness with no contact points.

The tile has a high resistance to ice and mould formation. With a 100 year warranty, the Visum tile ensures your piece of mind and demonstrates the quality of the manufacturing process.

Bonding method
Broken bond
Weight per piece
3.5 Kg
Longitudinal fit
187mm (+/-7mm)
Transversal fit
438mm (+/-1mm)
Units per square metre
Weight per square metre
a 470mm
b 280mm
c 35mm
Water course width
Minimum head lap
Maximum head lap
Minimum pitch with underlay
Minimum pitch without underlay

High definition

It provides a perfect definition on each piece, made with gypsum moulds, providing a much finer texture.

Excellent flatness

Individual curing of each tile thanks to support in H. Excellent flatness with no contact points.

Low absorption

Higher resistance to ice and mould formation.

Lifetime warranty

Our 100 years of warranty ensure your peace of mind and demostrate the quality of our manufacturing process.

Design and color variety for modern and vanguard architecture.







Solerati’s range of roof tiles are complemented with colour matching special pieces. These special pieces are used to create some of the beautiful roofs that can be seen throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world. Each piece is designed to interlock the main roof with the ridges, hips, barges, and ventilation pipes.